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Monday, 22 September 2008

Monday 22nd September

I have just finished writing the Silver Blade, the follow up to the Red Necklace. It had a very heavy deadline which I thought I had managed to meet, only to find - as is so often the way with me that- that the book needs a heck of a lot more work and masses of rewriting to make it what it could and should be, so the publication date has been delayed until March 2009. Many apologies to those who thought they would have it this autumn. One of those things that didn't help was losing the last five chapters of my book when my laptop took a nose dive into oblivion. I had written the last sentences, my eyes filling with tears, and said goodbye to by beloved characters. The end. I opened a bottle of wine to celebrate, poured myself a glass, took a gulp and went back to save the document and put it on a memory stick.

The computer was frozen. I shut it down, and, lo and behold, it wouldn't reopen. Perhaps the loneliest sound of silence in the world is your faithful laptop not making a 'bong' noise. no half-eaten fruity logo, just alarming whirring and click-click sounds. Saturday night, not alright.

Help ....

I phoned my ex - husband in New York State. His very patient wife took him away from the barbeque to speak to this deranged woman in London. Trying to keep calm, I told him what happened. i should say the ex is very good with computers. It's the one thing we communicate well on. Silence down the phone is a very bad sign.

'Close it,' he said, with measured patience. 'Get it to an expert, it sounds serious.'

'Oh, dear, no, this is what happens to other people, surely not me? I renew my laptop every eighteen months for goodness sake!'

The long story short of it was that two experts later, and a very nice recovery service in Letchworth who couldn't recover the work, I realised that I hadn't finished the book and without the end there is no novel.

I'm very glad to say that the laptop was replaced but as good as a brand new laptop is - albeit with a slightly too stiff trackpad (whoops, that sounds like a complaint) - I was without the last five chapters which needed to be done again, and fast. Funny as it may sound, my mind had gone blank, a sort of nothingness of nothingneness.

I took to walking, eating, and now have half a stone to lose and a book that although I have rewritten the last five chapters, is not quite right.

Never mind I like a challenge.

Moral of the story? Well, the bit about the computer is: yes, I know, back up all the time. I'm thinking about having two laptops, but can't work out if that's a good idea or not.

I haven't done a blog before. It's a bit odd and I'm not really sure who the heck would be interested in what I have to say, but I am told that someone is, so for that someone out there hope you enjoy reading this.

I would like to also say how very chuffed I am as I have been shortlisted for the 2008 Book trust teenage prize. I feel it is a great honour considering the amount of wonderful books there are out there.
A big thank you to all the judges who put me there.

This week I will be attending the Bath Festival of children's literature on Wednesday 24th September which I am looking forward to a lot. 

If you would like to find out more here's a link


Anonymous said...

hi ya my name is adele oates i am 23 years old and i brought your book the red necklace when i saw it in waterstones and thought i would read it when i got home but as i had just had my daughter i had no time in reading it i didnt even have chance to read it to her as i am a single mum and i had no time to read a book when i had other things to do. so this year this month i was sorting out stuff what i didnt need anymore and came to my book collection what i had touched since having my daughter and looked through it the book what got me the most was the red necklace like it had done when i my brought it so after putting my daughter to sleep i decided that i would read the book and see if it was any good. let me tell you something your book made me smile it was just so enjoyable and i never let the book leave my eyes i read the book all night and i was gutted that i had fallen asleep only a chapter away from the end so i had to start from the start again but this time my daughter listened to me when i finishe the book today i was confuse at the ening of it does yann meet his father count Kalloviski? when will he meet sio again? i was so confused and just wanted to know if you are having another book out about the the red nectlace and if so when cause i would like to buy it cause i woul like to know what happens to Tetu, yann and sido?

Claudia said...

I've been a big fan of yours since I, Coriander. Glad to hear The Silver Blade is in the works! I'm looking forward to reading it!

Claudia said...

P.S. I happen to be one of those "someones" who's interested in what you have to say. I am in the final stages of having my first children's novel published here, by a Canadian publisher, and I find I connect with your words. Please continue posting updates...

Kathy said...

Hi! I've read your The Red Necklace book and I LOVE it. So much! I never wanted to put the book down but during classes, I had to. I stuffed it into my locker just to make sure that I wasn't reading during my classes. I must buy it next time I'm in a book store! But is the Silver Blade the last book? I was hoping it'd be a series rather than 2 books. The characters are so life like...