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Monday, 21 September 2009

Ends and Beginnings

I have been stricken with chest infection and am now stuck feeling  rather sorry for myself. I am not good at being ill or rather I hate feeling under the weather. Okay enough with the moaning. Can’t believe the summer has come and gone. Went to Italy and Spain, having decided that I wouldn’t be going due to a failure with a suitcase, in short I was feeling so upset about losing my brother that the idea of packing anything was quite impossible. In the end a dear friend help me out and amazingly found myself at airport off for a glorious holiday away from the troubles at home.

Back in London I am now nearly on Chapter Ten of what is being called The Memory Chamber - more of a working title at the moment. Well that’s what I think but my editor at Orion is keen on it. Titles in their own right are another story and can take months to come up with. I mean Catch 21 doesn’t quite have the magic. The Great Gatsby was not on the top of the list for titles.

At least ten chapters is something and you can begin to see how it is all coming together. Plotting for me has never come that naturally usually I get side tracked and go round the houses before getting back to my original thought. This time I have gone about it quite the other way round and have spent four months plotting the book out and thinking very hard about all the characters and how all the events take place and the where and whys. Still, the minute I start to write something I hadn’t planned on back to the plotting board I must go...


Claudia said...

So nice to read another post from you. And nicer still to learn that you're writing another book. I'll be anxiously awaiting it.
I hope the good memories you have of your brother are able to help carry you through.

Hoang said...
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Hoang said...

I come from Vietnam, and luckily I have chance to read your book "I, Coriander" (2005) which was translated into Vietnamese. In fact, this book makes me suprised very much, because the journey of the character Coriander was so amazing that I could not stop reading from the beginning to the end. I know that most children stories have happy endings, but the way you wrote it creats a different feeling - it is similar to the feeling when I read series of Harry Potter (J.K Rowling). As I see, you've written other books, but I feel sad that they have not been translated into Vietnamese or come to my country yet. I hope I will have chance to read your other books!
Best wiches,
Lim Tamy Hoang

ST said...

I hope this is where commoners post. Like normal people who really love your books. My favourite book(s) from you is The Red Necklace and the Silver Blade!! They are so good!! I'm in love with the character Yann, adn I talk about the book every day with my friends, in fact, they think I'm a little crazy. I can't wait for your next book!! My friend says hi, he's 7 and he loves your books too. Oh, I'm not 7, I'm 13.
From Vancouver,
Sophie Tribiany!!(that's not my real name, though, it's Jessica)